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Nuclear Power

Big Exelon announcement opens the door for Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

Ending months of speculation about the fate of its Quad Cities and Byron nuclear power plants, ComEd-parent Exelon announced today that it would put off a decision about those plants for another year. As consumers brace for higher power bills due to recent electricity auctions, this development provides a unique opportunity to…...

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As possible Springfield battle looms, Crain’s analysis finds Exelon nukes profitable

There’s an interesting published report on the health of ComEd-parent Exelon’s nuclear power plants as consumer advocates prepare for a possible battle with the energy giant. Exelon has claimed that its fleet of six nuclear power plants in Illinois are struggling and the company has been laying the groundwork for…...

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A $580 million hit on our pocketbooks

Illinois consumers complain all the time about the power markets not working for them. For months now, we’ve also been hearing complaints from Exelon, the parent company of ComEd. Despite making $21 billion in profits over the last decade, Exelon says it needs help from ratepayers to boost revenue at its…...

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