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CUB: Cut water rate hike by 60%

Expert testimony filed by CUB and other groups found that Illinois American Water’s $43 million rate-hike request should be slashed by more than 60 percent. “The expert testimony clearly shows that Illinois American’s rate-hike proposal is bloated,” CUB Executive Director David Kolata said. “Among other things, the analysis reveals that…...

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CUB’s summer vacation

“You have made a tremendous difference in our lives. You made us feel like someone is looking out for the little guys.” Two young parents, for whom CUB helped get the gas turned back on, said those kind words to us in a recent email. We live for helping Illinois…...

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Victory! Governor vetoes bad water bill

We did it! More than 1,800 CUB Action Network members sent letters this year asking the General Assembly to oppose Senate Bill 1421— legislation that could have forced Illinois water customers to pay for services they never receive! The legislation passed, but CUB didn’t give up. Bryan McDaniel, CUB director of…...

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1,781CUB members say “Hands off my water bill!”

Think you should have to pay for a service you don’t receive? We don’t either— and 1,781 CUB Action Network members agree! But that’s exactly what big water companies want.  Senate Bill 1421 would give a big profit boost to the state’s two largest water companies: Illinois American Water and Aqua Illinois.…...

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4,400+ messages sent by CUB Action Network this month!

By Samantha Vercellino  CUB Action Network members have been on their “A” game in May. Over the last three weeks, they have sent some 4,400 messages to regulators and legislators to reduce rate hikes, save landlines and protect consumers’ rights. The issue at the forefront of most members’ minds appears…...

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