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CUB battles

CUB’s guy in Springfield thanks consumers for their involvement

By: Bryan McDaniel CUB Director of Governmental Affairs Given all the action on energy legislation in the General Assembly over the last few years, 2023 proved a little quieter, until the end of session when Ameren muscled through a proposal to give themselves a monopoly over transmission lines in their…...

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Legal update: CUB testimony on record rate hikes urges $1.6 billion in reductions

By: Eric DeBellis General Counsel CUB’s legal team has been working nonstop the past month, filing expert testimony with state regulators to oppose a record six utility rate hikes, exposing the proposed increases as unjust and unreasonable and urging state regulators to cut them by a combined total of at…...

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Q&A: The biggest consumer battle of 2019

For more than a year now, CUB has been sounding the alarm about a potential ruling at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that could raise ComEd power bills by up to $864 million a year. There have been delays in that ruling, but we now believe it is imminent.…...

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Last Chance: Double your impact

This is your final chance: Your donation will be doubled, thanks to a generous Illinois family—if you give before midnight. CUB has helped cut utility bills by $20 billion over the last 35 years, thanks to small donations from Illinois consumers like you. So a $5 or $10 donation is…...

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A chance to double your impact today

An Illinois family has just made an amazing offer to CUB in memory of a special young man. Today, if you take a stand against rate hikes and fight for clean, low-cost energy, the family of Chris Conrad will match your generosity dollar for dollar. Today, you can be twice the…...

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March update: A message from CUB Executive Director David Kolata

We’re tackling big problems, and it’s easy to get discouraged. But I want you to know your support and activism are making a difference in this world. Thank you! More people are hearing our message. Over the last month, we’ve sent about 5,000 emails to the General Assembly. You’ve fought…...

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