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environmental justice

Illinois consumers rally to pass CEJA: “A bill for Illinoisans historically and systematically shut out and forgotten”

Consumers from across the state gathered on Zoom and Facebook today for a virtual environmental justice lobby day in support of the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA), comprehensive energy legislation currently before the Illinois General Assembly. The second virtual lobby day, today’s event saw Illinois residents meeting with their legislators…...

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What is environmental racism?

Environmental racism is a term that was first coined in 1982 by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Chavis Jr., a Black civil rights leader. It refers to environmental injustices that harm communities of color.  Everyone deserves equal access to clean air, water and safe neighborhoods, but not everyone is given this guarantee.…...

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Environmental justice communities could see pollution problems addressed with CEJA

All people are entitled to live in clean communities free from health hazards, but not everyone enjoys this guarantee. “Environmental Justice” — or EJ — communities are regularly exposed to harmful pollution, but the Clean Energy Jobs Act aims to change that by helping the state make an equitable transition…...

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