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New ComEd and Ameren rates: January 2019

What happened with your ComEd and Ameren rates as of January 1? CUB breaks it down for you. ComEd Customers Rates for ComEd increased slightly. » Single family homes without electric heat Monthly Customer Charge: $11.31/month (formerly $10.84/month) Distribution Facilities Charge: 3.539¢/kWh (formerly 3.171¢/kWh) » Multifamily homes without electric heat Monthly Customer Charge: $8.13/month (formerly $7.68/month) Distribution Facilities…...

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What this millennial learned about alternative electric suppliers

As someone who still lives at home with her parents (for now), I never paid too much attention to electric bills…until I came to CUB. My name is Jennifer, CUB’s new Communications Assistant and a millennial utility-expert-in-training. I didn’t even know Illinoisans could choose a supplier other than ComEd, but…...

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