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formula rates

Goodbye formula rates: CUB helps cut Ameren’s final “formula” hike by millions

In the final ruling under an anti-consumer “formula” rate-setting system, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) granted Ameren Illinois a $61 million electric delivery rate hike, after CUB and other consumer advocates helped knock about $22 million off the proposed increase. “While we’re glad Ameren didn’t get the $83 million rate…...

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CUB Statement on $199 Million ComEd Rate-Hike Request

This is the statement CUB released on Friday, April 15: This is bad news for Illinois consumers who are coming off the most expensive winter heating season in more than decade, and it’s why we’re working to build a more consumer-friendly rate-setting system in Illinois. CUB will review ComEd’s rate-hike…...

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CUB statement on Ameren’s $57.6 million electric rate hike

Ameren’s Illinois’ $57.6 million formula rate hike just adds to consumers’ pain in an already difficult year. In addition to this electric delivery rate hike, in 2021 consumers have endured significant increases in gas and electricity supply rates as well as a $76 million gas delivery rate hike. Ameren customers…...

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CUB Statement on ComEd rate hike–‘Illinois consumers deserve better’

A statement from CUB Executive Director David Kolata on ComEd’s rate hike, from Dec. 2, 2021: ComEd’s $45.8 million increase in the middle of an already painfully expensive winter is awful timing by the company and another reminder of why it is so important to replace the unfair formula rate…...

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BREAKING: Ameren asks for a $64 million electric rate hike

Ameren has filed a $64 million rate-hike request before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC). Here’s the statement by CUB Executive Director David Kolata: This is an awful time for a rate hike, as Illinois families struggle to pay their utility bills amid the COVID-19 public health crisis. Our legal team…...

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BREAKING: CUB vows to fight ComEd’s $51 million rate-hike request

ComEd has announced it wants a $51 million rate hike.  Below is CUB’s statement from Executive Director David Kolata. ComEd’s $51 million rate-hike request is bad timing, as an unprecedented number of consumers struggle to pay their utility bills during the pandemic. Our legal team will study ComEd’s rate-hike filing…...

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