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CUB’s monthly report on gas volatility: May 2024

Gas prices are lower than they were a year ago for most customers in the Chicago region, thankfully, but five utilities from across the state saw increases ranging from 9 percent to 97 percent from last May, according to CUB’s review of Illinois’ gas market. Gas utilities file supply prices–called…...

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August gas prices are relatively low, but it’s always a good time to prepare for winter

Illinois utilities have filed their August gas prices with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and they’re fairly consistent with what we saw in July.  Seven utilities reported a slight increase from last month, at most roughly a 22% increase in price for Consumers Gas. We’re relieved that the supply rates…...

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A guide to energy efficiency programs for income-qualified households

By Kate Shonk Sustainable Communities Liason Facing high energy prices and the rising cost of living, many consumers want to cut down on their monthly utility bills. In Illinois, consumers have access to energy efficiency programs offered by utility companies–including ones for income-qualified households.  The programs designed for lower-income customers…...

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Illinois gas utilities ring in the new year with higher rates

Illinois’ major gas utilities are kicking off 2021 by raising the price per therm for January. This across-the-board increase is on track with predictions made by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the beginning of this heating season. The price per therm you’re paying for natural gas in January, also…...

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