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Big Exelon announcement opens the door for Illinois Clean Jobs Bill

Ending months of speculation about the fate of its Quad Cities and Byron nuclear power plants, ComEd-parent Exelon announced today that it would put off a decision about those plants for another year. As consumers brace for higher power bills due to recent electricity auctions, this development provides a unique opportunity to…...

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Land of Lincoln an energy leader

If you’ve ever driven the vast expanse between Chicago and Cairo—past nuclear power plants, corn fields, giant wind turbines, coal mines and oil wells—it’s not hard to believe that Illinois is an energy leader in the U.S. But just how much energy does the Land of Lincoln produce? Here’s how…...

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Where does your electricity come from?

When you flip on a ceiling fan or hit the power button on your TV remote, do you have ANY idea where that energy comes from? On any given day, it’s impossible to know exactly what power source—coal, nuclear, wind, etc.—is generating the electrons flowing into your home. But you…...

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