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Take the home heating quiz

October is the beginning of the winter heating season (GULP!) and it’s also Energy Awareness Month. This is the perfect time to take CUB’s Home Heating Quiz and test your energy knowledge. You could win a free energy-saving kit from CUB that includes: two LED light bulbs, a smart power strip, and…...

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CUB alert: Your utility’s October gas prices

Here are the gas prices you can expect to pay this month to the regulated gas utility in your area: Nicor Gas: 29 cents per therm Ameren: 35.869 cents per therm Peoples Gas: 28.26 cents per therm North Shore Gas: 32.45 cents per therm In honor of Energy Efficiency Day…...

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New power prices for Oct. 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020

Did you know that ComEd and Ameren are charging new prices for electricity? It’s important to know what these prices are in order to make an apples-to-apples comparison with alternative electric supplier offers (called the “price to compare”). WARNING: These prices are likely your best bet—since 2015, Illinois consumers with…...

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Nicor customers beware: Top 3 highest gas prices

This month, Nicor Gas customers–and their checkbooks—were happy to see the regulated utility’s price plunge 27 percent compared to its rate last October. But beware that some alternative gas suppliers are still offering plans that are almost double Nicor’s current rate. Protect yourself from bad deals by taking a quick look at…...

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