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The new tax law and your utility bills

We want to update you on an issue that’s important to your utility bills — and let you take action. You’ve seen the headlines about a change in federal tax law that led to a reduction in the corporate tax rate. But did you know that should lower your 2018…...

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Take CUB’s quick poll for a chance to win a smart thermostat!

By Sagar Dommaraju Take CUB’s quick poll and you could be randomly selected to win a free smart thermostat, valued at up to $250. CUB will pick a winner at midnight Sunday, July 31. If you take the poll, we’ll also send you information on smart thermostat rebates (up to…...

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A “smart” way to save money

Smart thermostats—devices that allow you to remotely control your temperature settings from your smart phone, tablet, or home computer— are a great way to save energy and money on your utility bills. Now, consumer advocates hope to see these innovative devices installed in one million homes with the help of special…...

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