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smart meter

Control your data = see savings!

As smart meters roll out across the country, we stand on the horizon of a bright and innovative energy future.  Part of the smart grid’s benefits are systemic: stronger grid resiliency, increased reliability, fewer outages, decreased peak energy load, and lower utility operating costs. But benefits also accrue to the individual customer—and that…...

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New meters = new opportunities to save

CUB has been highlighting some of the worst electric deals this week with our report on the state of the Illinois electric market. But it’s not all bad news! In fact, the gradual introduction of digital electric meters has opened the door to all kinds of unique pricing plans that could…...

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How do Illinois consumers feel about smart meters?

As ComEd and Ameren begin the enormous task of installing nearly 5 million digital smart meters across the state over the next decade, we polled more than 1,000 weekly e-newsletter subscribers to get their thoughts on the new technology. We also invited consumers to submit their comments and questions about digital smart meters. Find…...

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The quest for a smarter power grid begins today

Today, Illinois’ biggest electric utility will begin installing digital “smart meters” in Chicago’s western suburbs, launching an ambitious plan to give 4 million customers new meters by 2021. These new meters, built in a plant on the city’s South side, are a symbol of high-tech upgrades, collectively called the “smart grid,”…...

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