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Anti-robocall legislation rings in the new year

The nation’s toughest anti-robocall legislation, the TRACED Act, has just been signed into law. That’s good news in Illinois, which each year is the target of billions of these nuisance calls. While it won’t stop the pesky automated calls entirely, the act is a concrete step in the right direction.…...

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More than 100 million consumers hit by Capital One hack

Yet another data breach has exposed the private data of more than one hundred million people, leaving them vulnerable to fraud. Credit card company Capital One went public on Monday with news that 106 million individuals had their data compromised, mostly from credit card applications between 2005 and early 2019.…...

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Robocall legislation nearing the finish line

Big thanks to thousands of members of the CUB Action Network who have sent messages urging their elected officials to take action against robocalls. The House of Representatives on July 24 overwhelmingly passed (429-3) the Stopping Bad Robocalls Act to crack down on robocall scams. That action followed the Senate’s…...

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