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Capitol Report: CUB’s 2024 legislative agenda to lower utility bills

Each year CUB works at the State Capitol on a broad range of issues related to our core mission of saving consumers money on their utility bills. “It’s not easy fighting for consumer interests against the big utilities in Springfield, but I know you’ve got my back,” said Bryan McDaniel,…...

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Urge Springfield To Fight Misleading Marketing

We’re asking you to join the fight against misleading marketing today. House Bill 4281 would prohibit a “non-utility individual, business, or entity” from using “a public utility name or logo, in whole or in part, in any manner to market, solicit, sell or bill for a home (i) insurance, (ii)…...

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CUB’s Capitol Report: 2022 to-do list includes fighting for gas, water, broadband customers

And they’re off! The General Assembly is at the beginning of the spring session. Bills are being introduced, read, and debated.  Here’s a summary of what we’re working on this year. Fighting to protect gas customers. It is clear to see when you open your gas bill that something is…...

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