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Verizon Communications

CUB helps a grieving husband

After Aurora resident William Schweihs lost his wife, Louise, in April,he didn’t expect the headache he received from Verizon. Fortunately, CUB was there to help. William’s wife had been on a prepaid cellphone plan with Verizon, and her plan required her to maintain a balance to pay for her use. So…...

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AT&T’s big move could save customers $15/month

Following T-Mobile’s lead, AT&T over the weekend took a step to end what one writer called “the phone subsidy scam.” It’s a common practice to get a big discount on a new smartphone, and then pay off the balance of the device’s price tag through higher monthly fees over a…...

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Time to break up with your smartphone?

This summer, my smartphone and I celebrated our two-year anniversary. We didn’t do anything fancy to celebrate—just sent a few text messages and watched a video on YouTube. To me, it’s still the same handheld device that took my breath away in the Verizon store two years ago, but lately…...

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