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Tell AT&T: Have a Heart!

20150127_VDay_enewsWith Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to send a special message to AT&T: Have a heart and save our landlines!

CUB is bracing for a huge battle in Springfield this year.  Big Telecom, led by AT&T, wants to eliminate the Illinois Telecom Act and end traditional home phone service.  But millions of people still depend on landlines as the most reliable and affordable connection to friends, family, and key services like 911.

In December, CUB and AARP Illinois launched a special “Save Our Service” campaign across Illinois to spread the word about Big Telecom’s efforts to deregulate the telephone industry.  Since then, almost 2,000 CUB Action Network members sent messages asking state legislators to defend traditional home phone service.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, let’s make sure Big Telecom hears us loud and clear. Send a special Valentine to AT&T today!