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CUB’s top 5 money-saving cases from 2015

Over the years, CUB has helped save consumers an astounding $20 billion—an accomplishment that would be impossible to meet without our consumer advocates.

In 2015 alone, the consumer advocacy team generated $30,000 in savings for individual consumers who called us with a utility complaint, according to CUB records. That’s why we refer to them as our money-saving rock stars!

Take a look at the top 5 money-saving cases from this year:

5. The Case of the Wrong Meter (Savings: $1,626.21)

For two years, Sabrina was paying for the wrong meter—an issue she tried to resolve after a ComEd technician confirmed it. But the utility still slapped her with a huge power bill.

Sabrina refused to go down without a fight. The Chicago resident spoke to Consumer Rights Associate Carla Colamonici, who contacted ComEd. Within days, ComEd calculated her correct usage, and credited her account $1,626.21.

4. The Case of Mistaken Identity (Savings: $1,872.52)

Even though Alex was a victim of identity theft, Peoples Gas was still holding him responsible for a $1,872.52 gas bill. After years of stress, he decided to get CUB involved.

Good thing he did–the consumer advocacy department was able to get his debt erased and his credit report back to good standing.

3. The Case of the Bad Meter Reading (Savings: $1,887)

Kay knew there had to be something wrong with her power bill—it was HUGE.

“I made six calls to (the electric company) and couldn’t get anyone to listen,” she said. “But I quickly heard back from CUB…”

Sandra Marcelin-Reme, a 21-year veteran of the consumer advocacy department, asked ComEd to review Kay’s past meter readings which revealed she was being charge for 14,329 kWh of power she had never used. With Sandra in her corner, Kay was freed from $1,887 in erroneous charges.

“If it wasn’t for (CUB), consumers would have no recourse to solve their problems,” she said.

2. The Case of the Big Power Bill (Savings: $3,000)

Henry, of Chicago, received a ComEd bill for $3,000—for an apartment he never even lived in!

The bill was actually for a residence previously occupied by his mother, who passed away  years before. Consumer Rights Associate Danielle Homes took on Henry’s case and helped him dispute the bill. After the utility looked into the matter, it removed the full $3,000 amount

  1. The Case of the Old Apartment (Savings: $4,000)

 Imagine Jannetta’s surprise when she tried to open a new account with Peoples Gas, and found out she owed the utility $4,000—for a place she hadn’t lived in for the past two years!

Luckily, Environmental Outreach Coordinator Ivonne Ortiz came to her rescue. Ivonne helped her get the whole $4,000 total removed—and get service established at her new apartment.

It’s easy to fight the good fight when we have hardworking consumers like you supporting us! Please, consider donating—whenever you can—to help us start strong in the New Year. 

Thanks again for all you do!