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Citizens Utility Board

Loyal supporter: CUB honors the memory of Peter Barker 

In a touching final act of support, a longtime CUB member gave one more donation through his will. Peter K. Barker, formerly of Barrington, died June 9, 2020 at the age of 82, of complications from cancer and COVID, according to family. Mr. Barker had been a member of CUB…...

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Hey Illinois, beware of rip-offs

Everybody is worrying about costs these days—I know we talk to a lot of concerned consumers. That’s why CUB is issuing this warning. If you get pitched any of these offers, be careful! Maintenance plans. They peddle peace of mind (“the unexpected—protected,” says one ad). But maintenance plans offered to utility…...

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Hot off the presses: CUB’s newly update Guide to Fighting Robocalls

Can you believe fraudulent robocalls rob people of about $9.5 billion a year? Disgusting! We’re always on the front lines protecting consumers from higher bills—so please consider ordering our FREE and newly updated Guide to Fighting Robocalls. ...

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Citizens Utility Board’s Mid-Year Report

By Executive Director David Kolata In 2019, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) celebrates 35 years of fighting for Illinois consumers. We were a long shot when a handful of people led by pioneering Executive Director Sue Stewart began working for consumers in May of 1984. “Those who expect the citizens’…...

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Lessons from my summers in India: Staying cool without breaking the bank

By: Sagar Dommaraju Illinois summers are hot—but they’re nothing compared to the ones I experience when I visit relatives in southern India. Temperatures there easily top 100 degrees, cooling rains rarely fall, and—if you live in a rural village—air conditioning is unavailable at certain peak electricity times. But those stifling…...

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CUB’s top 5 money-saving cases from 2015

Over the years, CUB has helped save consumers an astounding $20 billion—an accomplishment that would be impossible to meet without our consumer advocates. In 2015 alone, the consumer advocacy team generated $30,000 in savings for individual consumers who called us with a utility complaint, according to CUB records. That’s why…...

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