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What are we paying for?

We already pay a bundle for Internet service, and now a big Internet Service Provider (ISPs) wants to slap you with yet another fee for exceeding so-called “data caps.”

Comcast recently enacted a policy in certain test markets that charges fees for customers who use more than 300 GB per month ($10 per 50 GB over). That’s just one strategy for limiting data use. Other big providers, like AT&T, have been accused of throttling speeds for customers whose usage exceeds a certain amount.

If you work from home, watch video (that means Netflix and Hulu!), or even use basic Internet services frequently, you could soon be hit with these punitive charges.

Comcast previously claimed these caps were enacted to ease network congestion. However, according to documents leaked last month, Comcast instructed its customer services reps NOT to say “the program is about congestion management. (It is not).” 

I repeat: “It is not.”


Leaked Comcast customer service scripts show that representatives are explicitly told not to say data caps are about congestion

The real reason for caps? So that big ISPs can squeeze even more money from your pockets.

Let’s fight these punitive caps and fees. Use CUB’s Action Network to send a message to Big Telecom/Internet:  No data caps!