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New electric rates for Ameren customers

Ameren customers may be pleasantly surprised to see their new electric rates for 2017, but CUB is fighting for an even bigger rate decrease.

The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) has approved a $14.5 million Ameren electric rate decrease that took effect Jan. 1.

CUB is glad that rates have dropped, but the watchdog has filed a petition for rehearing because it believes Ameren owes its customers an even bigger cut: A total of $22 million. (CUB argues that the company’s administrative costs have gone down.)

Please help CUB’s legal team and urge Illinois regulators to give Ameren customers a $22 million rate cut! 

There are generally 3 parts to your monthly electric bill: The supply side, the delivery side and taxes.

Delivery charges, which cover the costs of getting electricity to your home, are proposed by Ameren and ComEd and set by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) after an eight-month yearly review. The cost of the actual power (the supply charge) that ComEd and Ameren send to their customers is market-based and is determined after a power-buying process managed by the Illinois Power Agency. (For supply, customers also can choose an alternative company to provide their power.)

So, what are the new rates? Find out below:

New Ameren supply rates (through May):

First 800 kWh used: 6.519 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh)

Usage over first 800: 4.781¢ per kWh

(Note: This is the price you compare to any alternative supplier offer.)

New Ameren delivery rates (through December):

Monthly Customer Charge: $12.38/month

Distribution Delivery Charge Summer: 4.613 cents/kilowatt-hour (kWh)

Distribution Delivery Charge Non-summer:

2.701 cents/kWh for first 800 kWh used;

1.436 cents/kWh over 800 kWh

Meter Charge: $4.79/month