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CUB Advocacy Item: Tell White House its tariff is bad for solar, bad for consumers

The White House this week announced a 30% tariff on imported solar panels. The tariff reportedly will decrease by 5% over a four-year span, ending at 15% in 2022.

This decision will needlessly raise the cost of solar panels, which could stall or kill solar projects that help stabilize the power grid and lower electricity prices. The tariff also could spark big job losses in the solar industry. Make sure to tell the White House you’re not happy.

However, this is not the death of solar, far from it. “It is important to note that the 30% tariff is only for the solar panels, not the overall cost of the project,” the Illinois Solar Energy Association said in a statement. “With the ever-declining cost of other solar components and decreases in the soft costs of projects, such as permitting, solar will remain a strong, viable and growing industry.”

Also, despite poor decisions nationally, the good news is the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), pioneering state energy legislation, has solar on a good path in Illinois. “FEJA ensures that Illinois will enjoy both significant solar development as well as employment opportunities for years to come,” the Solar Energy Assocation said.