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The latest weapon in the fight to save net neutrality…..the Whopper?

Burger King, of all businesses, has come out with a brilliant video in support of net neutrality. Using its celebrated Whopper, the fast food giant memorably shows what life might be like without the internet consumer protections the Federal Communications Commission axed in December. It’s a great bit of storytelling to explain a confusing topic: Watch it here. 

In December, the FCC voted 3-2 to dismantle the historic consumer protections called “net neutrality.” Without these rules, big Internet providers like AT&T and Comcast could force website operators to pay more to avoid content getting slowed or blocked and they could obstruct a competitor’s services to favor their own. The FCC’s move threatens to make our web access more expensive by forcing web businesses to pay more for an “internet fast lane.”

But the Congressional Review Act (CRA) offers a way to undue the FCC’s vote if Congress can pass a “resolution of disapproval” with a simple majority in both houses, and, ahem, the signature of the president. The resolution is just one vote shy in the Senate (both Illinois senators are co-sponsors).

Saving net neutrality will be a long, uphill battle on many fronts. But your action today is important, because it’s key that ALL representatives be forced to make their position known on this issue. And it’s important that we show the overwhelming support for net neutrality.