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How high are electric bills? Way too high!

Last week, we sent consumers the new electric rates for 2018 (for ComEd and Ameren) and asked them a simple question: Tell us what you think of your electricity bills–are they too high?

Here are some of the answers:

“Way too high.” -Lewis J.

“Seems ComEd gets a charge raising the costs to us. No pun intended.” -Ray B.

“My electric rate always increases during the winter and I have gas heating. I have stopped being surprised. As a senior citizen on a fixed income, I just try to adjust my budgeting to accommodate the expected seasonal increase.” -Barbara F.

“There was a time when I just paid the charges and didn’t give them much thought. Now I am retired and on a fixed income….no extra money coming in. You would be surprised at how I juggle my finances in order to keep the electric bill paid. How I no longer shop for anything extra in order to maintain my lights and other necessities….heat and food being the main things.” -Martha D.

“I have been on real-time pricing, I have lowered my bills by 10-15%.” -Thomas H. (CUB Note: Read more about the real-time pricing program, which is now called Hourly Pricing.)

“Sure, the reductions in delivery rates that are coming up is a favorite ‘slow news day’ item of the local media; yet the ICC approves an increase for 2018. The mega profits continue.” -Thomas F.

“Thanks to CUB in keeping our electrical rate in check.” – Dennis M.