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Tell Your Senators: Don’t Back Down on Net Neutrality!

UPDATE: The U.S. Senate voted 52-47 to restore net neutrality – an important victory, but now net neutrality faces an even tougher battle in the House. Tell your Representative to stand up for net neutrality!

The clock is ticking for net neutrality, the federal rules that preserve free and open access to information on the internet (and keep the price you pay for internet down).

Net neutrality will die on June 11. However, Congress could vote to restore it. That’s why pro-net neutrality forces have announced that the U.S. Senate could vote to overturn the repeal of net neutrality as early as tomorrow–and they just need one more vote.

Illinois Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth both support the continuation of the net neutrality rules. But please encourage them to keep fighting for free and open access to the internet.

Net neutrality is a complex issue. But, the easiest way to understand it may be with a little help from Burger King. While a Whopper may seem to be the furthest thing from federal rulings and senate votes, BK used its famed burger in a video to show exactly how a world without net neutrality would work.


Without net neutrality, big companies like AT&T and Comcast could control what content their customers see and how much they pay to see it:

  • You may not be able to access your favorite websites or streaming services because your ISP has a financial stake in prioritizing other content.
  • You could be forced to pay more for an Internet “fast lane.”
  • Those who cannot afford to pay for priority treatment, or who aren’t offered access to it – such as small businesses, rural consumers, and low- and moderate-income consumers – are among those who may be most affected.

Consumer advocates are fighting for net neutrality on many fronts. Illinois has pushed its own legislation to protect net neutrality.

In Washington, fighting for net neutrality is an uphill battle. Even if the Senate votes to preserve the rules, that resolution still has to pass the House of Representatives. And, even if it passes in the House, it still has to move on to President Trump, who opposes net neutrality rules.

Still, we shouldn’t give up the fight. It’s important to make your voice heard on this issue. Tell your senators to keep fighting for net neutrality!