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These energy myths are costing you money

Are you paying more than you should for your utilities? In honor of National Energy Awareness month, take CUB’s energy myths quiz, and you could win $100 toward your bills!

CUB fights every day to keep the big electric and gas companies from ripping you off but all consumers can take steps to keep their bills as low as possible. The cheapest energy is the energy you never use!

Many of us take straightforward steps to save money, such as adjusting the thermostat by a couple degrees. But did you know that energy myths and misunderstandings could be secretly driving up your power bill?

Take CUB’s quiz by Oct. 31 to test your knowledge and learn more ways to keep your bills from skyrocketing. You’ll be automatically entered in a giveaway for the chance win $100 toward your utility bills!!

P.S. Friday, October 5 is Energy Efficiency Day–celebrate by taking our quiz!