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Update: Defend net neutrality

Net Neutrality Update: Take action to fight a White House attack on the nation’s strongest internet consumer protections.

Background: Things looked pretty bleak last year after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under new Chairman Ajit Pai, killed the internet consumer protections called “net neutrality.”

But enough people care about this issue—polls show an overwhelming majority support the protections—that it just won’t die.

For example, California just passed the nation’s strongest net neutrality law. It’s so strong that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a federal lawsuit to block it. Soon, trade groups, with members like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, followed with their own legal challenge.

Here’s why they’re so threatened by one state law: Because if big internet companies have to comply with tough consumer protections in the nation’s biggest state, they may be forced to change their policies for the entire nation. (Wouldn’t that be great?)

What you can do: The net neutrality fight is far from over. The key is not letting up. So please join us in sending a message to the White House that you support California’s new law as well as strong net neutrality protections across the country.

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