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ComEd account fraudulently opened under customer’s name

While refinancing her home, Chicago resident Jessica Torf noticed her credit score was going down due to a $2,700 ComEd balance.

After checking some overlooked mail, Jessica noticed multiple accounts were opened in her name at different addresses. She filed an identity theft claim and emailed ComEd her personal documents and the police report.

She called ComEd to see if her case was even being investigated. But she said the representatives weren’t helping and placed her on hold. Eventually, she sent nearly 40 pages of personal documents proving her identity and whereabouts when the fraud took place.

Frustrated with ComEd’s responses, Jessica’s mom–a CUB member–suggested she give CUB a call. The day after she phoned the consumer watchdog, ComEd told her the charges would be removed from her account. “I couldn’t believe it, ” Jessica said. “It was like a godsend.”