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CUB saves consumer from $1,400 in charges from a bad electric/gas deal

Ruben H. of Chicago found out why his gas and electric bills were getting so high through his landlord: He had been enrolled with an alternative supplier, Direct Energy, since 2015. And he paid nearly twice what the utilities charge. He called ComEd and Peoples Gas, and then contacted Direct…...

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CUB to the rescue: ID theft leads to no service for ComEd customer

Why was an $813 balance added to Surrina H.’s ComEd bill? The charges were tied to a Chicago address where she had never lived. While trying to resolve the identity theft issue, ComEd disconnected her service and she was left without service for days. “ComEd was not really responding,” she…...

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CUB to the rescue: A commercial rate for a residential space?

Gabriele was a charged a $1,200 deposit for using a commercial space, but argued she was just a residential customer. She had been using a previous owner’s storefront window space for family gatherings, kids’ art activities and meetings. With no business license, the space was not being used to sell…...

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Nicor disconnects service over 9-year-old balance

Ashley went 10 days without gas after Nicor charged her for a $1,200 balance from where she lived in 2009. That year, Ashley was forced to leave her Rockford home when the city condemned it. The house was boarded up and left unlivable. After the house was restored, a resident…...

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Customer wrongly charged for closed ComEd account

Linda’s son authorized her to manage his ComEd account since he travels often and typically is not home. The Bolingbrook woman was living with her son, but owned a property where the tenant had moved without warning and left the lights on. ComEd charged Linda’s property balance of $1,751.36 to her…...

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ComEd account fraudulently opened under customer’s name

While refinancing her home, Chicago resident Jessica Torf noticed her credit score was going down due to a $2,700 ComEd balance. After checking some overlooked mail, Jessica noticed multiple accounts were opened in her name at different addresses. She filed an identity theft claim and emailed ComEd her personal documents and…...

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