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Customer wrongly charged for closed ComEd account

Linda’s son authorized her to manage his ComEd account since he travels often and typically is not home.

The Bolingbrook woman was living with her son, but owned a property where the tenant had moved without warning and left the lights on. ComEd charged Linda’s property balance of $1,751.36 to her son’s account. She wanted ComEd to reverse the charge since this was her debt.

“They told me ‘tough’,” she said. “I think they thought because I’m older that I would just accept it.”

Because of the now outstanding balance on her son’s account, his ComEd service was going to be disconnected. To avoid that, he would have to enter a deferred payment plan. That’s when she reached out to CUB. Bilingual Consumer Rights Specialist Annie Warnock filed an inquiry with ComEd.

“I don’t know what you did but you worked a miracle,” Linda said. “Within a week the issue was fixed.”