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Q&A: Electricity Price Spike in Central and Southern Illinois

What’s happening to Ameren customers?   Since June 1, 2022, the price for electricity has more than doubled for Ameren customers across Central and Southern Illinois, and that’s expected to cost customers hundreds of dollars in higher power bills over the next year. What is Ameren’s electricity price? As of Jan.…...

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Customer wrongly charged for closed ComEd account

Linda’s son authorized her to manage his ComEd account since he travels often and typically is not home. The Bolingbrook woman was living with her son, but owned a property where the tenant had moved without warning and left the lights on. ComEd charged Linda’s property balance of $1,751.36 to her…...

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He told the alternative supplier: I know the mayor doesn’t endorse your offer—because I am the mayor!

Crest Hill Mayor Raymond Soliman doesn’t need to be warned about misleading door-to-door pitches by alternative electric suppliers. A salesman once lied to him in his own front yard—and it was a doozy. At a recent utility bill clinic in Crest Hill, he shared the story with Lead Service Liaison…...

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Watch out ComEd customers: your next rate hike

CUB’s legal and policy teams are working to defeat two electricity-pricing proposals now before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) that could cause ComEd bills to increase by tens of millions—if not hundreds of millions—of dollars. “This is a hidden hike, because it’s likely very few ComEd customers have heard…...

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