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Nicor disconnects service over 9-year-old balance

Ashley went 10 days without gas after Nicor charged her for a $1,200 balance from where she lived in 2009.

That year, Ashley was forced to leave her Rockford home when the city condemned it. The house was boarded up and left unlivable. After the house was restored, a resident moved in and was using the gas already established in Ashley’s name.

Ashley tried to set up gas at her new home, still disputing the $1,200 balance. A Nicor representative explained to her that her vehicle was registered with the previous address, so she was still responsible for the charges.

She sent Nicor personal documents, a police report and even her children’s school records to prove she was not living at that address when the charges accumulated. In August, Ashley brought her issue to Rockford’s City Hall, which told her to contact CUB.

CUB filed an inquiry with Nicor, and the utility eventually erased the charges. “CUB really helped me; everything moved faster with you guys,” she said. “If anyone needs help, I’ll be sure to send them your way.”