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Historic consumer protections: Urge the ICC to approve this COVID-19 relief plan

Illinois regulators this week will consider some of the strongest COVID-19 utility consumer protections in the country. Developed through weeks of discussion among consumer advocates and major utilities, this plan could serve as a national model to help utility customers struggling to pay their bills during the economic crisis.

But we aren’t quite over the finish line yet—we need your help today to make these protections a reality in Illinois. Every day, we talk to utility customers who are worried about their bills, so this would be a big step toward giving them relief.

Please read more about these historic consumer protections and urge the Illinois Commerce Commission to approve the plan this Thursday.

This is the ICC’s chance to stand up for consumers and build on the consumer protections the regulatory body created back in March.

Join us in taking action and urge the ICC to approve this relief plan and double down on its commitment to protect Illinois utility customers.