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Breaking News: Consumer Victory at the ICC!

Victory for Consumers! The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) voted 3-2 on Thursday against lifting a ban on door-to-door marketing by alternative energy suppliers during the pandemic.

The ICC was considering a proposal by the commission’s staff that was supported by alternative energy suppliers.

CUB argued that door-to-door marketing was needlessly risky during an uptick in COVID-19 cases and amid a struggling pandemic economy. “This surge in cases as well as the very real possibility of predatory sales tactics that could threaten affordability of essential utility service demonstrate that now is not the time to lift the ban on in-person sales,” CUB General Counsel Julie Soderna wrote in a filing to the ICC.

Illinois consumers have lost more than $1 billion at the hands of alternative electricity suppliers over the last five years. But at least Thursday’s ruling keeps a COVID-19 moratorium on door-to-door supplier marketing in place for the foreseeable future.

A big thank you to all the Illinoisans who used CUB’s Action Network to help send 1,000 messages to state regulators in favor of keeping the ban in place. Your activism makes a difference!

Thanks for fighting for consumer rights. Victories like this make all the hard work worth it!