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CUB helps secure $226 refund to overcharged Comcast customer

Aimee Gendusa-English, CUB’s Lead Service Liaison

When Robert, a long-time CUB member from Evanston, attended a Virtual Utility Bill Clinic earlier this year, he was most interested in learning about Community Solar. He also came to learn that he had paid $226 to Comcast for cable boxes and adapters that he didn’t have.

Aimee Gendusa-English, CUB’s lead service liaison, discussed ways that Robert could save money on his bills, but Robert was already cautious of his energy usage, on an hourly pricing plan and had extra insulation installed in his home.

Upon inspecting Robert’s bills, Aimee found that Comcast was billing him a news charge every month for equipment that he had already returned to the company.

“Robert was very frustrated, and rightfully so. All the technical jargon used by the telecom industry can get very confusing,” Aimee said. “That’s when I decided to file a complaint on Robert’s behalf to get to the bottom of things.”

Ivonne Rychwa, another lead service liaison in the utility watchdog’s outreach department, followed up with Comcast and was able to secure Robert a $226.45 refund.

CUB’s Virtual Utility Bill Clinics are one of the free services offered to help consumers see where they can save on their utility bills.

If you would like to get your bills analyzed by a CUB representative to see where you can save money, please email a copy of all pages your most recent electric, natural gas and telecom bills to CUB at [email protected] with “Attn: Virtual Utility Bill Clinic” in the subject line.