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What you need to know about ComEd’s billing change

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Note to ComEd customers (3/3/2024): The utility’s switch to a new billing system was rocky, blocking millions of customers from paying their bills online for more than a week and erroneously notifying people they owed $9,999.99. The new billing system was supposed to be working on Feb. 19. On Feb. 28, ComEd told the Chicago Tribune that the problems were fixed and it promised that nobody would get disconnected or suffer late charges due to the bungled switch. Please contact the company if you have questions or encounter any problems. Read our earlier article about the switch below.


Article from February 2024:

This month (February 2024) ComEd customers are switching to a new billing system, which will change all customers’ account numbers. Here are a few key facts you need to know (this is especially important for customers who pay their ComEd bill through their bank’s bill-pay service):

  • Where to find your new account number: Everyone will get a new unique account number that will follow your ComEd service across any moves, changes, and reopened accounts. You can find your new account number…
    • Mail–In the upper-right corner of your ComEd bill.
    • Online–On the top left of your account dashboard, at ComEd.com/MyAccount. 
    • Mobile–On your home screen of the ComEd mobile app.
    • Look-Up Tool–ComEd will soon offer a new online tool to help you look up your account number
  • New bill design: With the new billing system, your bills will look a little different. 
    • Residential ComEd bills will look similar with a new account number and color scheme. 
    • Business ComEd accounts are redesigned to look closer to the residential bill design. 
  • Scheduled Payments: What does this mean if I pay my bills through a Bank or Other Financial Institution, automatic payment, or budget billing?
    • Bank or Other Financial Institution–Important: If you have direct payment set up through your bank’s bill-pay service, you’ll need to update your account number this month (on or after Feb. 20) to ensure your payments are correctly posted. 
    • Auto Pay–If you’re enrolled in ComEd automatic payments, your account number will update automatically.
    • Budget Billing– You will receive a new account number and your monthly billing amount will be reviewed every three months. If you are on budget billing and Percentage of Income Payment Plan (PIPP) or the Supplemental Arrearage Reduction Program (SARP) payment assistance plan, your budget billing will remain on the six-month review schedule. 
  • Payment Assistance customers: If you receive support from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), your Local Administrative Agency will reach out when your new account number is needed to process applications. You will only need to provide your new account number when applying for LIHEAP or PIPP recertification. 
  • Community Solar or Alternative Supplier customers: You will still receive a new ComEd account number, but also, in the Service Address box on the second page of your bill, you will have a 10-digit Electric Choice ID number. This will help better identify your service account to your alternative supplier or Community Solar provider. 

For more information, please visit ComEd’s Billing Update page. If you have been encountering problems with this switch, please contact ComEd. 

Media coverage of ComEd’s bungled billing switch: 

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