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What you need to know about ComEd’s billing change

Note to ComEd customers (3/3/2024): The utility’s switch to a new billing system was rocky, blocking millions of customers from paying their bills online for more than a week and erroneously notifying people they owed $9,999.99. The new billing system was supposed to be working on Feb. 19. On Feb.…...

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CUB “helped save my company from bankruptcy” with $82,000 credit

Devin B. won’t ever forget the monster ComEd bills he feared would bankrupt his small business before it even started. In March, ComEd told him he had used 293,106 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity. That’s about 2,400 times his typical usage. His bill, which usually hovered around $100, ballooned to $44,226.…...

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Deceptive Billing: 3 Tips to Protect Yourself

Imagine you’ve just signed up for Broadband Internet Service for $34.99 per month.  You’re pretty content with the deal, and soon spend your days in a quiet reverie of Pinterest, Netflix documentaries, and cat videos… …until you get your first month’s bill: $94.95! That’s what happened to Jeremy Zielinski of New York…...

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Double trouble: Glitch leads to bigger Nicor bills for thousands

The Bloomington Pantagraph reports that some 7,000 Nicor Gas customers on automatic payment plants were mistakenly charged double from June 13-15. Do you have your Nicor bill paid automatically out of your bank account? The gas utility recommends checking your bank account or calling Nicor, at 1-888-642-6748. Those who incurred bank…...

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