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Electric bills

Should ceiling fan efficiency standards be strengthened?

There’s a new battle brewing in Washington, and the target may be hanging in your living room. The House of Representatives last month voted to withhold money from the Department of Energy that the agency would use to consider updated efficiency standards for ceiling fans. Originally enacted by Congress in…...

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Crain’s Chicago Business: ComEd fell below outage standard in 2012

CUB’s eager to see ComEd launch “smart grid” improvements that benefit consumers, but the latest headlines show that tackling Illinois’ power grid problems won’t be easy. In 2011, the General Assembly allowed ComEd to increase its delivery rates over the next decade to pay for $2.6 billion in “smart grid” improvements to the…...

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CUB contest: Name that cartoon!

This cartoon will be featured in the upcoming issue of The CUB Voice–our quarterly paper newsletter for CUB members. Come up with a caption of your own and submit it here by noon, Friday, August 2, and you could win a smart power strip to help cut down on your electric bills!…...

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Hanover Park utility bill clinic: $132 per year in customer savings

CUB’s outreach team is always on the road, visiting cities, towns and villages across Illinois to hold clinics that show consumers how to save money on their utility bills. This week was no different–CUB staffers Laura Goldberg, Ivonne Hernandez and Yami Newell took to Hanover Park and showed consumers how…...

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5 no-cost tips to cut your summer energy bills

Summer is here, and along with all the fun stuff comes an annual spike in our electric bills.  To keep more money in your pocket for road trips, pool visits and ice cream, here are five no-cost tips to cut your summer energy costs: Avoid placing lamps or TV sets…...

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What’s happening to your electric bill June 1?

[youtube=http://youtu.be/t6uNiKAy7cs]If you pay ComEd or Ameren for electricity supply, there’s good news: The price you pay for power will drop on June 1! ComEd’s electricity price will fall from approximately 8.3 cents per kWh to about 5.5 cents per kWh this June through September. Ameren customers will see their price dip…...

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