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CUBPowerCalculator.com: Go ahead…try it again!

A new season means new electric rates. That’s why we’ve updated our free calculator to reflect fall electric prices coming to Illinois. The CUB Power Calculator—a tool that shows how your utility’s supply rates stack up against an alternative supplier’s plan— can now provide a price comparison through May 2016.…...

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CUB launches free calculator to help you save!

The electric market just ain’t what it used to be. Proof?  A recent ICC report shows that customers with ComEd, the regulated utility, saved $73.4 million more than customers with alternative electric suppliers from May 2014 to May 2015,. That’s a far cry from just two years ago, when consumers saved…...

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Updates to Chicago Power Calculator

CUB is hosting a news conference today to announce updates to the Chicago Power Deal Calculator in time for changing October electric rates. CUB launched the calculator this summer to help Chicago residents decide if they are better off staying with the City’s municipal aggregation deal with Integrys Energy Services or switching to…...

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Update to Chicago Power Deal Calculator

CUB introduced the Chicago Power Deal Calculator in June to help you decide if the City’s deal with Integrys Energy Services was the right choice for you over the summer. Integrys recently announced rates for October 2014 through May 2015, and CUB has updated its calculator to help you determine whether…...

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