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CUB saves consumer from $1,400 in charges from a bad electric/gas deal

Ruben H. of Chicago found out why his gas and electric bills were getting so high through his landlord: He had been enrolled with an alternative supplier, Direct Energy, since 2015. And he paid nearly twice what the utilities charge. He called ComEd and Peoples Gas, and then contacted Direct…...

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DEA uncovers scam that could net you a refund

AT&T has agreed to pay nearly $7.8 million to settle government allegations that the phone giant allowed scammers to charge some customers about $9 a month for a fake directory assistance service, uncovered in a sting from, of all places, the Drug Enforcement Agency. The settlement, announced by the Federal Communications Commission…...

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The $105 million cramming settlement: what you need to know

Last week, we brought you great news: Federal regulators, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and her counterparts from across the nation have reached a $105 million settlement with AT&T to settle claims that its customers were hit with unauthorized third-party charges.  It’s a scam called “cramming,” and we couldn’t be happier to hear that authorities are…...

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Crackdown on Cramming

Did you know that  cell phone carriers can profit up to 40 percent on fraudulent third-party fees on your bill?  We were shocked, too.  Not only do these third parties “cram” charges for services you never ordered onto your bill, but wireless carriers are taking a cut! Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed…...

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Kick “cramming” off our wireless bills!

Fraudulent third-party charges could cost wireless customers up to $887 million a year. That’s according to a nationwide coalition of consumer advocates, including CUB, who are pushing federal regulators to adopt tough rules cracking down on the “cramming” scam. Cramming is when a third-party company places a charge on your…...

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