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Cool features on ComEd’s website to help you save

Don’t just pay your bill online and log off: Take advantage of ComEd’s site, which has features to help you save on your electric bills and become more energy efficient. Energy Doctor. Energy efficiency is one of the best ways to reduce your electric bill. You can send a question to…...

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Tips to make the most of ComEd’s Hourly Pricing

With ComEd’s Hourly Pricing, a program that charges the hourly market rate for electricity instead of the standard fixed rate, you could see average savings of 15 percent on the supply portion of your electric bill by shifting your energy-usage to hours when power prices drop (like nights and weekends).…...

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Free Guide: 10 Ways To Cut Smartphone Data Waste

Late last year, a study was released that showed we pay some of the highest data costs on Earth. Are any of us surprised? Using your smartphone to access the Internet can be painfully expensive if you invest in an unlimited plan, or go over your plan’s data limit. That’s why…...

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CUB Tips: Heat your home safely, efficiently amid a polar vortex

The frigid weather descending on Illinois is such a concern that Gov. J.B. Pritzker has issued a disaster declaration to free up resources if needed during what he called “potentially historic” cold. You too should be prepared as the polar vortex blasts the Chicago area: Make sure you are heating…...

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