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electricity prices

Tips for fighting high summer electric bills in this heat wave

Temperatures are rising as a heat wave sets in for Illinois, one of the increasingly common results of climate change. A CUB study found climate change will cause ComEd customers to pay an additional $10.9 billion on their electric bills over the next 30 years. You might be fretting about…...

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Important info for Ameren Illinois customers

This is just a reminder that Ameren Illinois’ power price has dropped significantly, so it’s likely that price is beating most community power deals across Central and Southern Illinois. Ameren Illinois’ price is 4.561 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) through September, and we’re not expecting it to change much during the…...

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Breaking: New electricity prices

Did you know your utility’s electricity rate is changing on October 1? Read “5 Facts about ComEd’s New Rate” and we’ll send you CUB’s fact sheet on avoiding rip-offs from alternative electric suppliers. Ameren customers, read “5 Facts about Ameren’s New Rate” and we’ll also send you CUB’s fact sheet on avoiding rip-offs from alternative…...

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Big drop in Ameren power price

Good news: Ameren Illinois’ power price is going DOWN significantly June 1. As a watchdog that fought for market reforms, CUB is pleased that the hard work of consumer advocates is paying off. Bad news: Ameren has proposed two rate hikes for 2019. Please, read about Ameren’s lower electricity price, and, if you haven’t already,…...

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ComEd power price going up

Big developments on your ComEd bills: One part of your bill went DOWN, another is going UP—and it could get even worse if some giant power generators get their way in Washington. Read what’s happening to your ComEd bills, and, if you haven’t already, please sign our petition against two proposals in Washington that…...

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New electricity prices!

As of Oct. 1, ComEd and Ameren are charging new prices for electricity. This is vital information you need to avoid bad deals in Illinois’ power market. Luckily, CUB has got you covered.  Read CUB’s 5 key facts about the new rates and answer a few short questions for a chance to…...

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