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Give yourself (and your power bill) a relaxing Fourth of July

By Sagar Dommaraju What better holiday than Independence Day to free yourself from high electricity costs. Follow these tips for the perfect Fourth of July weekend. First, take a holiday from the daily bustle and leave your electronics—computers, TVs, phones, printers—alone for the weekend. Make sure to unplug them completely…...

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CUB’s Earth Day Giveaway has a winner!

Congratulations to Sarah, the winner of CUB’s Earth Day Giveaway! She’s just won $25 off her next utility bill as well as an energy efficiency kit: an LED, a smart power strip, and a Kill A Watt. Runner-up winners were Nancy and Mary-Jo. Each will receive an LED bulb. Congrats! Sarah,…...

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New CUB Video: How a smart power strip takes the bite out of vampire power

Go into your TV room and take a look at your entertainment system, with its Octopus-like tangle of wires and digital displays. The DVD player and sound system may be silent, but they’re costing you money. In fact this “vampire power,” from electronics and appliances that are plugged in but…...

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