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Join the fight for faster Internet!

By Sagar Dommaraju The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will vote on July 14 on new rules that would open the door to ultra-fast 5G wireless networks Not only could this legislation help spur billions of dollars in economic activity but it could also provide millions of Americans with reliable Internet…...

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Bring Google Fiber to Chicago!

Shopping for Internet in Chicago can feel like a game of Monopoly: Few options, limited competition, and high prices. Fortunately, Google, Inc. may introduce Google Fiber—the company’s high-speed, high-tech Internet service—to Chicago. Finally, we’d have a little competition! The company announced in December 2015 that it was eyeing up the Windy…...

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Unbundled Internet? 3 Things to Know

I made a big decision the other day: I’m breaking up with cable TV. When I move into my new apartment in August, I am parting ways with MTV, HBO, and CNN.  And I’m not alone—more and more people are choosing to forego cable in lieu of Netflix, Hulu, and….reading?…...

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