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Bring Google Fiber to Chicago!


Shopping for Internet in Chicago can feel like a game of Monopoly: Few options, limited competition, and high prices.

Fortunately, Google, Inc. may introduce Google Fiber—the company’s high-speed, high-tech Internet service—to Chicago. Finally, we’d have a little competition!

The company announced in December 2015 that it was eyeing up the Windy City as the next place to expand services.  Currently, Google Fiber has been deployed in Kansas City, Mo., Austin, TX, and Provo, Utah. The super-fast Internet service offers speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second–that’s fast enough to download a high-definition movie in about 7 seconds, according to Google.

It’s too early to tell how much the service would cost in Chicago, but we can all agree that a little competition couldn’t hurt our pocketbooks.

Google is currently exploring options with city leaders, so now is the time to make your voice heard if you’d like to see more Internet options in Northern Illinois.

Sign our petition to the company: Bring Google Fiber to Chicago!