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Did Peoples Gas mislead state regulators? New AG/CUB filing makes the case

In a recent filing before state regulators, Attorney General Lisa Madigan and CUB argue that Peoples Gas “knowingly misled” state regulators or withheld from them the $8 billion estimated cost of a troubled pipe-replacement program. The AG/CUB pleading, filed on Feb. 4, argues that utility officials may not have disclosed the figure–which…...

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Chicagoans return to ComEd this fall

The City of Chicago has decided to end its two-year power deal with Integrys Energy Services—the largest of its kind in the country—after determining that residents would no longer save on their electric bills.  Customers will return to ComEd, the regulated utility, starting September 2015. The City’s deal expires in May 2015, but…...

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Updates to Chicago Power Calculator

CUB is hosting a news conference today to announce updates to the Chicago Power Deal Calculator in time for changing October electric rates. CUB launched the calculator this summer to help Chicago residents decide if they are better off staying with the City’s municipal aggregation deal with Integrys Energy Services or switching to…...

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Update to Chicago Power Deal Calculator

CUB introduced the Chicago Power Deal Calculator in June to help you decide if the City’s deal with Integrys Energy Services was the right choice for you over the summer. Integrys recently announced rates for October 2014 through May 2015, and CUB has updated its calculator to help you determine whether…...

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CUB to would-be Peoples Gas parent: Is that all you got?

On the pages of the Chicago Tribune this week, CUB gave a message to the would-be parent of Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas: Do more for Chicago-area gas customers! On Thursday, the watchdog group was asked to react to some pro-consumer promises Wisconsin Energy made in its filing asking…...

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Chicago Power Deal Calculator Video

Not sure which energy supplier will save you money this summer?  Watch our video to find out about a free tool– the Chicago Power Deal Calculator– that will help you decide if the City’s deal with Integrys is right for you: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEkpnQ2HGj8?list=UUnBH1A1X_csFhP4sN0hZVlQ&w=560&h=315]  ...

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