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pipeline replacement program

Why is Peoples Gas giving $7 million back to customers?

What happened? The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) announced in July that Peoples Gas has agreed to give about $7.2 million back to its customers.   Why is Peoples Gas giving money back to consumers? It’s connected to a review of 2015 costs of the utility’s troubled pipeline-replacement program, called the System…...

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Breaking: City Council hearing on Peoples Gas

CUB wants to alert you to an important event for Peoples Gas customers on Wednesday. We hope you can be there! Ald. George Cardenas’ Health & Environmental Protection Committee is holding a hearing on a growing problem in Chicago: soaring Peoples Gas bills due to the utility’s mismanaged pipeline replacement…...

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Stop spending abuses by Peoples Gas: Fight for HB 4898

CUB, AARP Illinois and Illinois PIRG this week held a news conference about the mismanagement and spiraling costs associated with a Peoples Gas plan to replace aging pipes underneath the city. How bad is it? An analysis by Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan found that if the program isn’t changed…...

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News Release: Proposed State Law Aims to Quash Spending Abuses by Peoples Gas in Bloated Pipe Replacement Program

A new bill pending in the Illinois General Assembly would eliminate the mechanism Peoples Gas has used to bankroll a pipe-replacement program widely decried for its rampantly escalating cost estimates and chronic waste and mismanagement. The proposed measure, championed by AARP Illinois, the Citizens Utility Board (CUB), and Illinois PIRG,…...

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Peoples Gas in the hot seat

It looks like we’re going to get some answers on Peoples Gas’ disastrous and costly pipeline replacement program— just as new estimates reveal projected costs for the program have ballooned to more than $8 billion (nearly four times the original estimate!). Chicago’s 42nd Ward Alderman Brendan Reilly introduced a resolution in today’s…...

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