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Gov. Pritzker calls for energy legislation to put gas surcharge on the chopping block

CUB has long called on Springfield to end a special surcharge that allows natural gas utilities to quickly raise customer bills to pay for infrastructure developments. This time, Springfield gave us some good news.  In a 13-page document released last week, Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s office outlined eight principles that will…...

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Governor revives clean energy discussions with focus on accountability, affordability

Saying the “need for comprehensive energy reform in Illinois has never been greater,” Gov. J. B. Pritzker’s administration reopened discussions on legislation to protect Illinois consumers and move the state to 100% clean energy, giving hope to advocates who have urged passing legislation this year. (Send a message to the…...

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Federal ruling “direct attack” on Illinois, CUB’s leader testifies

A federal regulatory ruling that threatens to raise electric bills by up to $864 million a year “punishes Illinois for our successful clean energy policies” and is a “direct attack” on the state’s authority to protect its residents, CUB Executive Director David Kolata told a legislative committee today. The recent…...

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