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Giving Tuesday: For CUB, ALL the battles are big


Sending CUB’s Holiday eCard honors friends and family, and supports CUB’s fight to lower your utility bills.

In honor of “Giving Tuesday”–the national day to support nonprofits–CUB has created this nifty Holiday eCard, with the CFL candle theme, pictured here. It allows people to honor friends and family this Holiday season–and support CUB’s fight for lower utility bills.

That fight made headlines this year, as we helped to win some $300 million in rate cuts and refunds. But that’s not the only good work we do.

CUB’s consumer advocacy team tackles about 10,000 calls, emails and letters a year, and we get people out of some terrible jams. For example, CUB…

  • Helped a Realty company erase an erroneous $1,100 gas bill, after the company had tried to do the same, with no luck, for more than a month.
  • Helped Mrs. Jones who for years had been wrongly billed for somebody else’s electricity usage. (Yep, that happens!) CUB helped increase the refund ComEd gave her by $4,500!
  • Helped Elaine get her heat turned back on after a mix-up with the gas-bill assistance she was owed. “You never know when you will hit rock bottom like me,” said Elaine, who has had to undergo expensive treatments for cancer and asthma. “So when someone helps you, you have to take the time to say ‘Thank You!’”

So on “Giving Tuesday,” think of Elaine, and Marquis, and Mrs. Jones and the $300 million in higher rates we helped block, and send someone special a CUB Holiday eCard. The gift of a CUB membership makes a difference!