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Put up your dukes: Time to take on rate hikes

20140401_ConsumerDefense_blogIn 2014, CUB is fighting more than half-a-billion dollars in rate-hike battles from ComEd, Ameren, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas (see the chart below).

In response, we’ve established an emergency Consumer Defense Fund and we have a challenge for you:  Help us raise $50,000 by April 30th to cover key battles across Illinois.

With the support of its members, CUB fought the 2013 increases before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) and cut them by more than $80 million.  But the utilities still got far more than they deserved, so we’re challenging the increases in court.  Making matters worse, before the ink was dry on their old rate hikes, Peoples and North Shore Gas asked the ICC in February for new increases of $128.9 and $7.1 million, respectively.


We expect this number could easily climb to $1 billion before the end of the year. Consumers all over Illinois are struggling to keep up with rate hikes from the utility companies—especially in the wake of a particularly brutal winter.

Join the Consumer Defense Team today and tell the utilities, “Not with my money!”