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Our Valentine to AT&T: Have a heart, don’t kill our landlines


CUB staffer Jim Chilsen is getting ready to send a special Valentine, signed by 1,600+ Illinoisans, asking AT&T to have a heart and protect landline phone service for the millions of consumers who rely on it. Click on the photo to see the Valentine!

Thank you to the 1,600+ people who signed CUB’s Valentine to AT&T.

Our hearts ache alright–not for AT&T, but for the millions of Illinoisans who depend on traditional home phone service as their most reliable and affordable telecom option. AT&T has stated clearly that it wants to end their phone service. So here’s our special message to the phone giant:

Happy Valentine’s Day, AT&T!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to tell you how much I (and millions of other Illinoisans) love and depend on landlines for safe, affordable, and reliable phone service.

Have a heart, AT&T. Save my phone service!

AARP Illinois and CUB have launched the Save Our Service (SOS) Campaign, as we brace for Big Telecom, led by AT&T, to try to gut the Illinois Telecommunications act of key consumer protections. That would open the door for the end of landline service, and it would kill the Consumer’s Choice plans, which were created by CUB in a legal settlement with AT&T. The landline plans are among the best phone deals in Illinois.

CUB staffers are enthusiastic users of wireless and Internet phone service (except when the bills arrive, the phone runs out of juice, or coverage is spotty….). Everyone–especially if you’ve tried to make a call in rural areas of Illinois–knows that the new options in the market, while cool, aren’t always the most reliable and affordable choices for all consumers.

Big Telecom, which yearly rakes in billions of dollars, can more than afford a phone market that gives customers numerous choices. If you agree, please, send a message to state legislators: Save our Service!