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Keeping up with $1.6 billion in Illinois rate-hike battles

Consumer wallets took a big hit in January, with four utility rate increases–and a new $53 million natural gas rate-hike request.

On Jan. 1, ComEd and Ameren were awarded a combined electric rate increase of $436 million (about $232 million for ComEd and $204 for Ameren). CUB filed a  “petition for rehearing”–an appeal before the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC)–but it was denied. So we’re appealing parts of the ruling before the Illinois Appellate Court.

Then Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas received $74.6 million in delivery increases ($71.1 million for Peoples Gas, and $3.5 million for North Shore Gas). We plan to file a “petition for rehearing” in that case too. Help us by sending a message opposing the rate increase.

Most recently, Ameren Illinois filed for a $53 million gas rate hike. In that case, consumer advocates will have 11-months to challenge the increase. You can help by sending a message to state regulators asking them to deny Ameren’s request.

But, as they say in game shows and……um….rate-hike battles, that’s not all.

Remember, we’re preparing for a big battle involving ComEd-parent Exelon in Springfield. The giant, which has made $20 billion in profit in the last decade, wants to boost revenue by up to $580 million at its nuclear power plants–and we fear it wants Illinois consumers to shoulder all the burden.

Also, we’re still trying to stop Big Telecom companies from killing the landline phone service that millions of people depend on, and we’re trying to capture a $200 million Nicor Gas refund (in addition to the $72 million we’ve already gotten for consumers). Finally, we’re on the lookout for a possible plan by coal-plant operator Dynegy to join an East Coast power grid that could jack up Central and Southern Illinois electricity rates by an estimated $300 million. 

All told, we’re fighting more than $1.6 billion in higher rates. You can help us fight by joining the CUB Action Network to let your voice be heard!